5 New Properties For Sale In The Wichita Area


WICHITA, KS — Looking for a new home, and want the latest listings on what’s available near you? Perhaps you could use some assistance finding the perfect place for you and your loved ones? With our weekly list of new properties in your area, you can stay on top of the scene.

Here’s a handy list of the five newest homes to hit the housing market in the Wichita area — including one with 2 beds and 2 baths for $118,900, and another in the Maize area with 7 beds and 3 baths for $355,000.

Click on any address for more photos and details. Happy house hunting!

Price: $165,000
Size: 2,016 sq. ft., 4 beds, and 3 baths

Price: $355,000
Size: 3,210 sq. ft, 7 beds, and 3 baths

Price: $118,900
Size: 1,394 sq. ft., 2 beds, and 2 baths

Price: $184,900
Size: 2,638 sq. ft., 4 beds, and 2 baths

Price: $179,900
Size: 2,058 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 2 baths

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Photos courtesy of Realtor.com

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Kansas man who plotted to bomb Somalis in Garden City pleads guilty to possessing child pornography

photo by: Associated Press

This combination of Oct. 14, 2016, file booking photos provided by the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office in Wichita, Kan., shows from left, Patrick Stein, Curtis Allen and Gavin Wright, three members of a Kansas militia group who were convicted of plotting to bomb a mosque and an apartment building filled with Somali immigrants in Garden City, Kan. (Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office via AP, File)

WICHITA – Already sentenced to prison for his role in a bomb plot, Patrick Stein, 50, of Wright, pleaded guilty Friday and was sentenced to an additional 44 months in federal prison for possession of child pornography, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister.

Stein pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child pornography. In his plea, he admitted that investigators found up to 149 images of children engaged in sexual activities on his laptop computer and USB drives.

Investigators found the child pornography after obtaining a warrant to search Stein’s computer for evidence of his part in a plot to detonate multiple bombs at an apartment complex in Garden City where Somali refugees were living, according to the news release.

In January, he was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for his role in the bomb plot. He will serve the sentence for the child pornography conviction consecutively with the sentence in the bomb case.

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Kansas college to pay for aerospace students

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Wichita State University Technical College said it would pay moving expenses and housing, along with a full tuition scholarship for those interested in getting a degree and working in the Kansas aerospace sector. Wichita is home to companies like Spirit AeroSystems, which also has a facility in Tulsa, and Textron Aviation. STEPHEN PINGRY/Tulsa World file


OKLAHOMA CITY — A Kansas college is offering a sweetheart deal to students willing to move to Wichita, get a degree and work in that state’s aerospace sector.

Wichita State University Technical College said it would pay moving expenses and housing, along with a full tuition scholarship for people who live more than 75 miles away. The college said it will offer a signing bonus if hired by an aviation manufacturing company, where a job interview is guaranteed upon completion of the program. The first classes begin in March.

The new cost for doing business in Tulsa.

For those who care about business and this community, we have a deal for you. Start a digital subscription for only $0.99. Sign up now at tulsaworld.com/subscribe.

This would be the second time WSU Tech offered the deal to the first 50 eligible students willing to make the transition to its sheet metal assembly and process mechanic paint programs. All of the students who went through the six-to-eight week courses last fall were offered jobs at Spirit AeroSystems or Textron Aviation, the school said.

“Wichita Promise Move is designed to help break down the barriers that keep individuals from getting trained,” WSU Tech President Sheree Utash said. “Whether those barriers are financial, location, time or the fear of failing, we are ready to help anyone get the training they need to get a career in aviation and live, work and play in Wichita.”

Click here to link to the article on NewsOK. Some stories require an Oklahoman subscription to read.

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Forde Minutes: What Bill Self, Kansas should have said after Silvio De Sousa punishment

Forty names, games, teams and minutiae making news in college basketball (maps to the basket sold separately in Raleigh, after North Carolina State scored 24 points in an entire regulation game Saturday):

[More Minutes: Which teams are in contention for No. 1 seeds?]

Last Friday, when the NCAA benched Kansas big man Silvio De Sousa (1) for all of this season and the next one, the outrage from Lawrence was both potent and predictable. Here is what coach Bill Self (2) said in a statement: “In my 30-plus years of coaching college basketball, I have never witnessed such a mean-spirited and vindictive punishment against a young man who did nothing wrong. To take away his opportunity to play college basketball is shameful and a failure of the NCAA. Silvio is a tremendous young man who absolutely deserves to be on the court with his teammates. This process took way too long to address these issues. We will support Silvio as he considers his options.”

Here is what Bill Self should have said, if he had a lot less gall and a lot more Self-awareness: “I apologize to Silvio De Sousa for putting him in this predicament. I’m sorry that T.J. Gassnola (3), a known bag man and now convicted felon, who I was in contact with during this recruitment and others, paid the money that helped bring Silvio to Kansas. We have said that Silvio didn’t know what was transpiring, but I should have. Everyone in college basketball was aware of T.J.’s reputation and how he operated. I acknowledge that it’s very hard to believe that someone with my experience and connections had no idea that he was working a deal to abruptly pull Silvio away from Maryland and send him to Kansas. Instead of blaming the NCAA for its ruling, I should blame myself for using T.J. Gassnola as an unofficial recruiter.”

Here is what Kansas athletic director Jeff Long (4) should have said, instead of joining Self in railing against the NCAA: “Silvio De Sousa’s ineligibility rests with us, not the NCAA. As was revealed in federal court, our head coach said in a text message to T.J. Gassnola, who was working recruiting angles as an Adidas bag man, ‘I’m happy with Adidas. Just got to get a couple real guys.’ Well, T.J. got us a guy, and he did it with a cash payment. We let a fox in the hen house, then acted surprised when he ate a chicken. That’s on us, and nobody else.”

Here is what Kansas president Douglas Girod (5) should have said, if he’d bothered to say anything at all: “As the head of the university, I’m here to accept responsibility for what’s happened within our basketball program and not fall back on the tired, easy, blame-the-NCAA lamentation. Silvio De Sousa has been declared ineligible, and playing him last year will almost certainly vacate our 2018 Final Four appearance. Billy Preston (6) was recruited to Kansas and never played a minute after his mother also was paid by T.J. Gassnola. Cliff Alexander (7) was declared ineligible during the 2015 NCAA tournament and never played again for our school. Assistant coach Kurtis Townsend (8) was quoted on a wiretap transcript discussing a housing-job-cash deal to land Zion Williamson (9). We should have taken a hard look at the way Kansas basketball does business long before now — but frankly, we didn’t want to.”

Self’s tantrum and the media outcry supporting De Sousa wasn’t surprising. What’s surprising is that Long excoriated the NCAA twice in 24 hours, which harkened back to the response of former USC athletic director Mike Garrett when his football program was under investigation. (That didn’t end well.) This seemingly is a sign that Long is all-in on Self, despite the red flags that were waved in federal court. But Long is protected either way, thanks to a creative contract that gives him an extension for the length of any “federal, state, NCAA, or conference investigation leading to restrictions or probation for its football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball or women’s volleyball athletic programs.” And it’s extended at $1.5 million per year.

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Splash Aqua Park coming to Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) –

Splash Aqua Park designed by Cole Kalkbrenner and his wife Erin is coming to Wichita, Kansas in May.

On May 4, Wichita residents will have be able to cool off near the Steeple Bay development that will include Gander Outdoors and Camping World stores, at I-235 and Seneca.

"This is a fun and exciting project," said Jeff Lange, founder of Lange Real Estate. "A lot of neat things going on, from industrial activities, retail, office. All kinds of activities happening here."

Around 30,000 visitors are expected to visit the park in its first season. The max capacity has been listed at 200 people, but only about 125 will be allowed in per hour.

Kalkbrenner and his wife, Erin, both professional water skiers, developed a park like this one in Australia. They plan to start their rates for entry at $15 for 50 minutes and an additional $10 for the second hour.

The park will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through Labor Day, and will open along with Camping World and Gander Outdoors.

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USS Wichita officially commissioned Saturday

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH/WIBW) — The USS Wichita has set sail.

The ship was commissioned with Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) in Florida Saturday.

Two Wichita area natives in the U.S. Navy are serving aboard the littoral combat ship that will bear their city’s name.

Isaac Davis, a Wichita native and Derby native Brian Tanner are serving aboard the future USS Wichita as chief petty officers.

Davis, a 1993 Wichita Heights High School graduate is an operations specialist aboard ship, homeported in Mayport, Fla. Tanner, a 2001 Derby High School grad, is an information systems technician responsible for voice and data communications aboard the ship, the Navy says.

As chief petty officer, the Navy says Davis and Tanner’s duties vary "depending on the needs and equipment of the ship." These duties include service as combat air controller, navigation and plotting specialist and warfare operator.

“I like the diversity of the command and the closeness of the crew,” said Chief Davis. "You get to meet new people that you wouldn’t get to meet or experience in my hometown."

The Navy describes the USS Wichita as "a resilient flexible warship, designed from the keel up to affordably take on new capabilities – from the most advanced sensors, to the latest missiles, to cutting-edge cyber systems."

"Its speed, strength and versatility make it a critical tool to help our sailors achieve the mission," the Navy says.

Davis and Tanner say they’ve carried lessons learned from their hometowns into their military service.

“Living in my hometown taught me the importance of respect,” Davis said. "You work with a lot of sailors from different ranks and backgrounds, so it’s important to be a team player in order to complete the mission."

“I love the fact I am serving on a ship that bares the same name as the area where I grew up,” Tanner said. "It really gives you a sense of pride."

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Homicides, stolen guns and keeping Wichita safe


"Crime ebbs and flows, and we’re we’re seeing that increase in violence," said Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay. "And, you know, we want to turn it around."

Wichita police blame stolen guns and drugs for a record number of killings in the city last year. It’s a crime trend police want stopped.


The number of homicides rose by 13 percent in 2018, the highest in decades, justifiable homicides more than doubling. The chief sat down with KAKE’s Pilar Pedraza to take a closer look at what’s going on.

"A significant number of the homicides in 2018 have a drug connection," he said.

Police investigated a total of 44 homicides in Wichita last year. A homicide legally is when one human kills another. Some homicides are legal, some are crimes.

It started on January 8th with what’s called a justifiable homicide, a case of self-defense.

"Our first two homicides were one incident – where a homeowner…had people at his door with guns and he shot and killed both of them," Ramsay said. "And that’s how the year started out, was our first two homicides were justifiable."

Justifiable homicides climbed to a high of nine confirmed last year, with Chief Ramsay expecting a shooting last week to become number ten on that list.

"You know when we look at last week’s, very obviously justified you know, with a store being robbed. He had had a gun pointed in his face."

Legal or not, all homicides require the same investigative work and Ramsay says he re-arranged officers early in 2018 to make sure they’d be able to handle the increased case load.

Wichita isn’t alone in seeing an increase in homicides. According to the FBI, there’s been a slow but steady increase in illegal killings across the country over the last ten years, from 398 in 2007 to 429 in 2017, and a nearly 40 percent increase in justifiable homicides, from 257 in 2007 to 353 in 2017. National numbers for 2018 aren’t available yet.


Here in Wichita, along with drugs and mental illness, the chief says most of the cases also involved stolen guns.

"You know, we had two law enforcement officers shot last year, both with stolen guns from vehicles," he said. "Our number of stolen guns is very high. Over the last three years (we’ve seen) over 2000 stolen guns in burglaries, cars."

Those guns aren’t just ending up on sale at pawn shops. The chief says many are ending in the hands of violent criminals.

"It’s a result of the evolution of gun laws and where we are today as a society and how we view guns and people carrying them."

He says the problem comes in two parts.

"We believe that a certain certain number of individuals are looking for guns," he said. "Oftentimes in homes and businesses. They get information that there’s guns there, whether it’s a friend of a friend or acquaintance, coworker, someone knows that there are a stash of guns in this house or business and then it is specifically targeted for those weapons."

And, there are just more guns out there, ever since laws changed in 2012.

"Another concerning area is the amount of guns used in domestic violence, (a) 100 percent increase since 2012," Ramsay said.

He says the city has worked to get ahead of the problem, assigning more officers to handle violent crime investigations, debuting the ShotSpotter technology to respond more quickly to shootings, and looking for ways to divert youth who make up most of the gun offenders from violent lifestyles.

"The effort is intended to prevent versus react," he explained. "To try and get ahead of it. And, you know, I think that’s where many cities have seen their success and we want to emulate that here."


But, Ramsay says, police can’t do it all. They need your help, too.

If you have a gun, he asks, keep it locked up, safe from thieves and opportunists.

"There are a number of different types of locks for your car and safes for your car as well as your home," he suggests.

Ramsay says Kansas lawmakers could put a big dent in the problems his department faces, as well.

"One of the things I would like to see is, I would love to see gang members that meet their criteria definition, fit the definition of a gang member, they should not be allowed to carry a firearm," Ramsay said.

He’d also like to see lawmakers stiffen penalties for felons who are caught with guns they’re not legally allowed to have.

"I would like to see an increase penalty with mandatory minimums."

Finally, he says, increased funding for treatment for those with drug problems and mental illnesses would help a lot.

"The majority of our property crimes are drug related, right? So people get upset at the police and, as we try and find resources for those suffering from addiction…should it be over at the jail or can we get them help and end this problem once and for all?"

The 2019 legislative session begins in two weeks on January 14th.

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5 New Houses For Sale In The Wichita Area

WICHITA, KS — Looking for a new home nearby, but getting tired of seeing the same old property listings over and over? Not to worry! To keep you up to date, we’ve compiled an up-to-date batch of five new listings nearby.

Here are the five latest properties to hit the housing market in the Wichita area — including one with 3 beds and 3 baths for $83,000, and another with 5 beds and 3 baths for $340,000.

Click on any address for additional pics and details. Happy house hunting!

Price: $179,900
Size: 1,787 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 2 baths

Price: $120,000
Size: 1,164 sq. ft, 3 beds, and 2 baths

Price: $83,000
Size: 1,461 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 3 baths

Price: $340,000
Size: 3,072 sq. ft., 5 beds, and 3 baths

Price: $114,900
Size: 1,208 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 2 baths

Hungry for more options? Keep scrolling for more listings. Or check out our Wichita area real-estate section for a complete list of nearby homes.

Photos courtesy of Realtor.com

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Wichita: 5 Newest Homes To Hit The Market

WICHITA, KS — When you’re looking for some new digs, keeping tabs on all the latest listings can be a laborious task. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done the prepwork for you.

Below is a list of the five latest homes to go up for sale in the Wichita area — including one with 4 beds and 2 baths for $85,000, and another with 5 beds and 6 baths for $679,000.

Looking for more information on one of the houses listed below? Just click on any address to learn more. Enjoy!

Price: $141,000
Size: 1,894 sq. ft., 3 beds, and 3 baths

Price: $679,000
Size: 4,137 sq. ft, 5 beds, and 6 baths

Price: $85,000
Size: 1,456 sq. ft., 4 beds, and 2 baths

Price: $99,000
Size: 1,992 sq. ft., 4 beds, and 1 bath

Price: $189,900
Size: 2,271 sq. ft., 5 beds, and 3 baths

Still want to see more options? Keep scrolling for more listings. Or you can always find a full list of local homes in our real-estate section for the Wichita area.

Photos courtesy of Realtor.com

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Shootings in Wichita, Haysville no longer believed related

WICHITA, Kan. — Authorities say they no longer think that a deadly shooting at an event venue near Wichita is related to another shooting that left a man critically wounded.

The Wichita Eagle reports that police initially thought a vehicle connected the shootings. But on Tuesday, Capt. Brent Allred said that is no longer the case.

One man was killed in the first shooting, which happened early Sunday in Haysville after a party. Little information has been released about what happened.

The next day, a man in his 20s was shot once in the chest in Wichita. Police say the driver of the vehicle involved in that shooting has been arrested on an unrelated outstanding warrant but the suspected shooter hasn’t.

Haysville is about 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of Wichita.

Information from: The Wichita (Kan.) Eagle, http://www.kansas.com

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